Istana Park

Istana Park, Singapore 2010

The Istana Park is located in the museum planning area in the center of Singapore. The park is bordered by Orchard Road, Penang Road, Penang Lane and Buyong Road. The Istana Park was completed in 1985 as an extension of the main entrance.

The park is one of the landmarks of Singapore in front of the Presidential Palace, Istana. It has an area of 13,000 m². The Istana Park serves as a gateway to Singapore’s Civic District Trail, which enlightens visitors to Singapore’s rich history.

The centerpiece of the park is the 26-meter-high festival arc, which rises from a shallow reflecting pool. The design of the stainless steel and concrete construction was inspired by the gates and railings of the Istana entrance. The festival arc forms the gateway to Singapore’s Civic District, the cultural and historical heart of the city. The bow also improves the visual connection via Orchard Road.


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