Sri Mariamman

Sri Mariamman Temple, Singapore 2010

The Sri Mariamman Temple is one of the most visited temples in the city. It is the oldest relic of Hindu history in Singapore and was declared a national monument in 1973. According to an idea of ​​Mr. Naraina Pillai, a dealer, 1827 the wooden construction was erected. As early as 1862 the present temple was built.

The temple of the goddess Mariamman, who is asked for help, is consecrated. This testifies the living conditions of the first settlers in Chinatown. The architectural style of the temple follows the rules laid down in religious texts for centuries. However, the Sri Mariamman Temple has a unique feature. As a concession to the Chinese believers, the temple received two Chinese windows as a symbol of the acceptance of the other religion. This mix is ​​unique in Hindu temples in Singapore. Hindu temples are characterized by their vibrant, colorful decorations of the exterior walls and roofs. These are representations of the history and religious world of Hindus.


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