Chinesisches Viertel - Chinatown

Chinatown, Singapore 2010

Chinatown is probably the most famous city district of Singapore. Its story goes back to the founding year of the city. Sir Raffles reserved the area southwest of the Singapore River for the expected Chinese traders, as it was clear that they would turn out to be the largest ethnic group. Even today, one can see in the centered trades that the first settlers divided themselves into their neighborhoods.

Chinatown, with its many old shophouses, is under protection, and you can easily imagine a walk through the streets, as it must have been before. The unique thing about the shophouses is that you have a shop below and the owner lives there. This style is also known as “Chinese Baroque”.

The peaceful coexistence of the different religions is illustrated most impressively in Chinatown. One finds here both Buddhist, Hindu and Chinese temples side by side. One of the most interesting sights is certainly the Sri Mariamman Temple. For tea lovers, a visit to one of the tea houses in the district is a must.


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