Ann Siang Hügel - Ann Siang Hill

Ann Siang Hill, Singapore 2010

Ann Siang Hill is located in Chinatown on the South Bridge Road. From the highest point, you have an excellent view of the business district. Today the mountain is home to the largest geographic survey station in Chinatown. There are many fine shops in the shops at Ann Siang Street, and the street is known for the stores with theater and lion head masks.

Originally, the mountain was called Scott’s Hill, after Charles Scott, who worked here on nutmeg and clove plantations. Later he was renamed Gemmill’s Hill and then Ann Siang Hill when the Hokkien Chinese bought the land. He operated a sawmill here until the storehouses still existing between 1903 and 1941 were built. These offered a home to Klan communities and social clubs.

The area between Ann Siang Hill and Mount Erskine was one of the earliest Cantonese-Chinese cemeteries used until 1867 and then moved to 1907. Chinese also refer to Ann Siang Hill as Qing Shen Ting. The first Chinese immigrants came here to send money or letters to families in their home country.


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