Fort Canning Park

Fort Canning Park, Singapore 2010

From the hill Bukit Larangan, which means in Malay as much as forbidden hills, imprinted park in the city center near Orchard Road has three different names: Fort Canning Hill, Government Hill, and Bukit Larangan. The mountain had a great religious significance for the original population. Sir Stamford Raffles built his house here and founded the first botanical garden in the city in 1822. Established in 1862, Fort Canning, which was no longer preserved, was built to protect the harbor.

In the park, next to the Battle Box, a subterranean bunker, a spice garden, an excavation site with finds from the first settlement of Singapore, the National Museum, the Fort Canning Center, the Fort Canning Aquarium and the Asian Chinese Sculpture Garden And the swimming pool River Valley Swimming Complex.

The park has several entrances, but you should enter it via the main entrance with its white stone gate in gothic style and then follow the various hiking trails and educational pathways.


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