The Merlion, Singapore 2010

The Merlion is Singapore’s world-famous landmark, guarding the city at the transition from Marina Bay to the Singapore River. He is considered a patron of the city. It was designed by Fraser Brunner in 1964 as a logo for the city.

The legend is a mixture of lion and fish, and its name is composed of the English words mermaid and lion. It is to be an allusion to the legend surrounding the city when Prince Nila Utama discovered a lion in the area of ​​today’s Singapore and gave the city the name “Lion City”. This is, however, a legend, since there are no lions in the region.

The original has a height of about nine meters and spits water into the inlet to the Singapore River. From the side of the Esplanade Center, you have a magnificent view of the Merlion with the skyline behind. The Merlion enjoys such popularity that Sentosa Island has a 37-meter-high walk-through replica.


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