Kolonialviertel - Colonial District

Colonial District, Singapore 2010

The colonial district is probably the most famous and well-known city area of Singapore. Here began the ascent to today’s world metropolis with the first landfall Sir Thomas Stamford Raffles. And so the Raffles statue can be found here. The bronze original is located a few meters further in front of the Victoria Memorial Hall.

Framed by the Singapore River, you will find some of the most famous sights and government buildings. Old and new are united here in a confined space. The colonial quarter, together with the old parliament and the town hall, forms the historical center of the city. Even today, the most important government buildings in the city, such as the Supreme Court, are the old and new parliament here.

The most beautiful are to enter the district from the business district, passing the Fullerton Hotel on the Cavenagh Bridge on foot. The Asian Civilization Museum is located directly on the river.

In front of the Supreme Court and the City Hall is a large lawn, the so-called Padang. During the Japanese occupation, surveys and punishments of the population were conducted here. Today the square is dedicated to sports.


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