Arabische Straße - Arab Street

Arab Street, Singapore 2010

Arab Street is not just a single street, but the entire Arabian quarter. Arabs were the first traders to settle in Singapore. Over time, the community grew rapidly, and the people of Singapore gave the neighborhood its name Arab Street.

The name is more than just the place. When you enter the streets, you feel immediately transported to an Arab country. Like in a bazaar shop in small houses business. In addition to religious objects, rattan and wickerwork, perfume and gemstone jewelry, the district is mainly famous for its textile shops. There are mostly chiffon, organza and silk fabrics, but also batiks from Indonesia.

The heart of Arb Street is the Masjid Sultan, whose golden dome is far beyond the district.

Of course, you can also taste the culinary delights of the Arabian world in addition to everyday life. In many restaurants, the most various dishes are offered at the most favorable prices.


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