Havanna - Havana

City Views Havana, Cuba 2009

Havana (Spanish La Habana), full name Villa San Cristóbal de La Habana, is the capital of the Republic of Cuba and at the same time an independent province. With a population of 2,10 million and an area of 728,26 km², it is the largest metropolis in the Caribbean.

Havana was founded in 1519 due to the strategic location of the Spaniards. Particularly noteworthy is the old town of Havana (Spanish: La Habana Vieja), one of the oldest Spanish colonial settlements, with an area of 4.37 km² with its Baroque and neoclassical monuments. Due to their changing history, many other architectural styles of the New World are represented in Havana’s old town, including Art Deco.

It was placed under UNESCO World Cultural Heritage in 1982 and has since been restored in parts.


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