Penglipuran, Bali 2007

Penglipuran is about six kilometers from the city of Bangli on 700 meters of altitude. The traditional Balinese village has only 700 inhabitants. To this day the village is untouched in its original state and by any modernization.

The village has always specialized in the processing of bamboo, which the villagers use with creativity. In Penglipuran you can make the best-braided bamboo baskets, the sacrificial baskets.

The village is located exactly at the foot of Batur, to the north and exactly to the west of Agung. The orientation of the village was, therefore, a big problem druing foundation. By turning to Batur, one offended Agung and vice versa! An original solution was considered: the village as a whole is based on the Batur. The road rises to the north. At the highest point of the road, at the most sacred place, was built the temple that closes the street. It is the only village that has this kind of perspective.


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