Löwenwald Garten - Lion Forest Garden

The Lion Forest Garden, Suzhou 2016

Built in the 14th century (around 1342), the Lion Forest Garden is located near the Humble Administrator’s Garden. This stein was registered in the UNESCO World Heritage list in 2000. He has a reputation for being the most funky garden in Suzhou, as there is a complex labyrinth in which people can be lost.

The entire garden covers an area of approximately 10,000 m². The massive multi-storey rock labyrinth rises to 7 meters and has numerous openings and routes. The Löwenwaldgarten takes its name from the many stone formations, all of which resemble lions in every position.

The garden was bought in 1917 by the Bei family. The family ended the restoration in 1926. After that, the government of the People’s Republic of China took control of the garden and developed it to a park. It was made accessible to the public in 1954.


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