Liu-Garten - The Lingering Garden

The Lingering Garden, Suzhou 2016

The Lingering Garden, also known as the Liu Garden, is one of the four traditional private gardens in Suzhou. It has an area of ​​23.310 m². Together with other gardens in Suzhou, such as the Humble Administrator’s Garden, he has been a UNESCO World Heritage site since 1997.

The Liu Garden originated from the Eastern Garden, a house-garden complex of the then Minister Xu Jiongqing (1540-1598), which was laid out in 1593. Its last expansion around the eastern, northern and western parts took place from Sheng Xuren in the years 1888 to 1891.

Today, the Lingering Garden has four thematically different areas, a central, an eastern, a northern and a western part. The key area of ​​the garden, considered to be the best, is also the oldest area. There you can find among other things an artificial limestone mountain and pond censuses. The northern area contains now a bonsai garden with about 500 copies. The western area is characterized by a hilly landscape with maple and peach trees. The Liu garden has a total of 42 rooms connected by a roofed corridor of 670 m length.


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