Vogelinsel - Bird Island

Bird Island, Qinghai Lake 2016

The Qinghai Lake is one of the largest salt lakes on the planet and is about 130 kilometers away from the provincial capital Xining. It covers an altitude of 3,195 meters above sea level and has an area of 4,583 km² according to official data.

The water of Qinghai Lake has a salt content of 6 percent and is thus salty as sea water, which has only a salt content of 3.5 percent. Nevertheless there live many kinds of fish. The average depth is 19 meters. In 2015 the Qinghai Lake and the adjacent landscape was nominated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The main attractions are the bird island, on which many species of birds breed or rest on their transcontinental migrations, as well as Sankuaishi (the three stones) and the sand island. The bird island is located in the northwest corner of the lake and consists of the Egg Island and the Phalacrocorax Island.


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