Terracotta Armee - Terracotta Warriors

Terracotta Warriors, Xi’an 2016

The discovery of the terracotta army happened purely coincidentally in 1974 when farmers from the village of Xiyang near Xi’an tried to dig a well. On the 29th of March, they encountered a hard, burned earth layer. At a depth of four meters, clay pieces came to light, followed by a brick-lined ground, a bronze crossbow mechanism, and bronze arrow tops. On the 11th of July 1975, the find was officially announced.

To date, about a quarter of the entire facility has been completely cleared. The Mausoleum of the First Emporer Qin Shihuangdi itself is archaeologically unaffected. The production of terracotta warriors probably began after Qin Shihuangdi had climbed the throne. The clay force is composed of soldiers figures, their horses and wagons, compared to men at the time of the Qin dynasty. The ordinary soldiers’ statues are at least 1,85 m and the generals up to 2 m. A total of 7278 articles has been found.

The entire grave has an area of ​​56 km² and has been on the list of UNESCO World Cultural Heritage since 1987.


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