Sera Kloster - Sera Monastery

Sera Monastery, Tibet 2016

The Sera Monastery is one of the “Three Great Monasteries” of the Gelug Order of Tibetan Buddhism. It is located about two kilometers north of a href=””>Lhasa and five kilometers north of the Jokhang Temple. The Sera Monastery was founded in 1419 by Sakya Yeshe, a famous student of Tsongkhapa, who founded the Gelug sect.

The monastery today has an area of 114,946 m². Behind the monastery is today the only place for Lhasa’s sky burials. On a hill is the most spectacular building in the compound, built in 1710 and supported by more than 100 columns, called Tsokchen, where the statues of the 5th and 13th Dalai Lama represent the main stand of the founding father, Sakya Yeshe.

In the shady disputation yard of the Sera Monastery, you find the only possibility to visit a monk’s deputy in Tibet.


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