Longmen Grotten - Longmen Grottes

Longmen Grottes, Luoyang 2016

The Longmen Grottoes, also known as Dragon Gate Grottos, are located about 13 kilometers south of the ancient capital Luoyang on the river Yi and are among the four most famous Buddhist caves in China.

In 1350 grottoes, 750 niches and 40 pagodas, 110,000 statues and 2800 inscriptions are located on a length of only 1 km. The construction of the caves began 493 under the Northern Wei Dynasty and lasted about 400 years. The largest statue is the 17,14 meter high Buddha Vairocana, and the smallest micro gravure Buddha figure is only 2 centimeters tall.

Most of the caves are located on the western bank of the river Yi. On the eastern bank, the Xiangshan Temple was reconstructed around the last millennium.

The Longmen Grotto was declared a World Cultural Heritage by the UNESCO in 2000.


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