Qin Shihuang Di's Mausoleum

Emporer Qin ShiHuangDi’s Mausoleum, Xi’an 2016

The Mausoleum Qin ShiHuang’s is a Chinese-Chinese graying site built for the first Chinese emperor Qin ShiHuang. Construction began in 221 BC, and the emperor was buried in 210 BC. It is one of the world’s largest tomb buildings and, above all, known for its great soldiers’ figures, the so-called Terracotta Warriors. Since 1987, the mausoleum system has been listed on the UNESCO World Heritage list.

The Mausoleum is located about 36 kilometers northeast of Xi’an. From the former imperial capital, 13 royal dynasties – from 221 BC to 907 AD – ruled the Chinese empire. In the river valley of the Wei River and along the mountains there are numerous imperial tombs from this era.


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