Daxuexixiang Moschee - Daxuexixiang Mosque

Daxuexixiang Mosque, Xi’an 2016

The Daxue-Xixiang Mosque is a mosque in the city of Xi’an in the Chinese province of Shaanxi. It is one of the Hui-Chinese built mosques from the time of the Ming Dynasty.

In the district of the Hui Chinese, also known as the Muslim Quarter, there are two famous mosques: the Daxue-Xixiang Mosque and the Huayuexiang Mosque. Because the latter is east of the first, it is called Dongdasi (Eastern Great Temple), while the Daxue-Xigang Mosque, to the west, is called Xidasi (Western Great Temple).

The Daxue-Xixiang Mosque has been on the list of monuments of the People’s Republic of China since 2013. The unique feature of this mosque is its style. It is like a Chinese temple, not the usual mosques.


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