Tai Shan Aufstieg - Tai Shan Ascent

Way up Part 2, Tai Shan 2016

From the center of the mountain begins the actual act of ascent. At the Zhongtianmen one could now climb the cable car, but then the meaning of the whole hike would be lost.

The route continues through the Sheng Xian Fang (Arch of Immortality), which promises longevity according to the mountain myth. The last section of the ascent is the hardest because the steppes become steeper and narrower and pass almost vertically between two steep walls.

The view is more and more frequent: the Nan Tianmen Gate, which stands out against the sky. It is 9 km long, with a total of 6293 steps, with a height difference from 1350 to the summit of the Tai Shan.


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