Tai Shan Gipfel - Tai Shan Peak

On the Top, Tai Shan 2016

With a height of 1545 meters, Tai Shan is by no means the highest, but probably the most famous of the five sacred mountains of Daoism. In the ancient Chinese world view, the empire of the middle as square considered, the Tai Shan represents the eastern corner mountain.

The courageous hiker reaches through the Niantan Gate the summit area and first enters the Tian Jie (Heavens Street). On the summit are various temples from the Tang Dynasty along the Cloud Pass. The highest point is the Temple of the Jade Emperor.

The Bixia Ci (Temple of the Princess of the Azure Cloud) on the southern slope of the summit is the terminus for most of the serious pilgrims who sacrifice the bronze statue of the princess in the main hall.


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