Dai Temple - Dai Temple

Dai Temple, Tai’an 2016

The Dai Miao, also called Dai Temple or Temple of the Deity of Tai Shan, is a Daoist temple in the north of the city of Tai’an. It is the largest and best preserved architectural complex at the foot of Mount Tai Shan.

The summit ascents of the emperors usually began with the visit of the Dai Temple, which stands on the imperial route between the southern gate of Tai’an and the summit of the mountain.

In the temple complex, there are also a variety of stone steps. Most of these steles were erected after the visit by the emperor. Stories about the expansion of the Dai Temple, about the occasion of the visit of an emperor or a sacrificial ceremony for the gods are on the stelae. However, since some have been set up very long ago, many texts are difficult to read because of weathering.


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