Yun Tai Shan & Qing Long Xia

Yun Tai Shan & Qing Long Xia, Henan 2015

The Yun Tai Shan Geopark is located north of the city of Jiaozuo City in the southern foothills of the Taihangshan Mountains. The Geopark, with an approximate size of 556 km², is characterized by its tectonics and the spectacular landscape formed by hydrodynamic processes. The mountain is one of the first in the world to receive the title of World Geological Park from UNESCO in 2004.

Covered with jungle, it is known for its majestic mountains and water landscapes. The picturesque peaks and mountains stretch as far as the eye can see. The highest peak, Cornel Peak, reaches 1304 meters.

The Geopark is divided into five parts: Yuntaishan, Shennongshan, Qinglongxia, Fenglinxia and Qingtianhe. The attractions include the hanging springs and waterfalls of the Yuntaishan, the caves and mountains in Qinglongxia, the towering rock faces of the Fenglinxia region, the crystal clear waters of the Qingtianhe River and the dragon crest of Shennongshan Mountain.

The Yuntai Waterfall is the highest waterfall in China with 314 meters. Deep valleys, cool grottoes, unique rock formations and wildflowers form a breathtaking landscape.


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