Shanhaiguan Pass

Shanhaiguan Pass, Qinghuangdao 2015

The Shanhaiguan Pass, also Shanhai Pass is the main pass of the Great Wall of China with high strategic importance at the largest corridor between China and its rival neighbors. The pass is about 300 kilometers east of Beijing.

In 1381, General Xu Da commissioned the Ming Dynasty to build. The peculiarity of the pass is its location in the middle of the city. This wall section extends over 26 kilometers. It closes the 10-kilometer-long gap between Laolongtou and the Horn Peak and goes another 16 kilometers into the mountains.

Within the fort are the Arc Tower, the Gatehouse, the Shanhaiguan Wall Museum and the Bell and Drum Tower. Together with Laolongtou, the Temple of Meng Jiang Nui, Jiaoshan, Longevity Mountain and Yansai Lake, the Pass forms the main attractions of Shanhaiguan.


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