Haihe Fluss - Haihe River

Haihe River, Tianjin 2015

The Haihe River, also Hai River, is regarded as the ‘mother river’ of Tianjin. With an area of 317,800 km², the river has made an enormous contribution to the improvement and progress of Tianjin and is closely linked to the life of the people along the river. Today, it is visited for its scenic beauty as well as the historical and cultural atmosphere.

Historically, the river opend for traffic 1800 years ago, and gradually became a hub in the shipping industry during the Sui Dynasty (581-618).  It was relieved of traffic a year ago. Through the centuries, the river became an important trading center. Today the former terminal is a place of relaxation and recreation.

Regions along the river, such as Sanchkou or the Daguangming Bridge, offer magnificent views. Not far away is the Italian Quarter.


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